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CLOUDS (2024)

Věra Ondrašíková and coll., ARCHA+ theatre

Everyone talks about it but no one has ever seen it.

It's fragile, it's mysterious, it's immortal, it's everywhere.

Soul. One of the most discussed topics of the young generation through the eyes of those it affects most.

CLOUDS is a meeting of souls over which clouds are gathering.

Imagine you can find a new way to communicate and share together. Children with children, children with parents, parents with children, yourself with your inner child.


No words. No iClouds.

Premiere May 15th 2024 in ARCHA+


SARX (2021)
Martin Talaga

The origin of the triple conception of the body is the Greek philosopher Posidonius. Since then, the body has been described as soma, sarx and pexis. Posidonius sees the body as threefold: the tangible, graspable, and disassemblable body, or ‘sarx’;  the body which gives the external appearance of man, his appearance and performance or, one could say his outwardly radiating character – ‘soma’.


WITNESS (2021)
Věra Ondrašíková and coll., Ponec Theatre


Silent witnesses. In some places we have pushed them away completely. At the same time, during leisure time or fatigue, we take shelter in their shadow. Distinctive above the ground, strong below it. Source of life-giving power and oxygen. We have done them wrong many times,

but they remain. They take care of their friends

and relationships. Trees.


Martin Talaga & Denis Bastuga

SWISH (2016)
Tereza Hradílková, Ponec Theatre


Rope jumping as a children’s game, but also as ambition

and self-improvement. Are you jumping to get ahead, jumping past your old boundaries, or are you just jumping

in a circle from which there is no escape? How long will the game stay just a game and how long will it take before

the game slips into madness?

* Performance of the Year at the Czech Dance Platform 2017

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GUIDE (2015)
Věra Ondrašíková, Ponec Theatre

What if one day we could look back at our life – would there be things we might want to do differently? Would we be able to avoid what we now see as mistakes? If we could ask for advice, what questions would we have? An audio-visual piece in which back then and now become one. The performance received 3 prestigious awards at Czech Dance Platform 2016. The performance was selected for Aerowaves Twenty17 and presented in Spring Forward 2017 in Aarhus (Denmark). Aerowaves twenty17 presents every year twenty most promising emerging choreographers in Europe. The performance was presented at One Dance Week festival in Plovdiv, SIDance Festival in Soul, V4 Dance Festival in New York and New Orleans, Israel Festival in Jerusalem, Birmingham International Dance Festival, UNIDRAM Festival in Potsdam etc.

Věra Ondrašíková, Laterna Magika


The production was created for the New Stage of the National Theatre and Laterna Magika by a team of young professionals led by director Braňo Mazúch, the author or more than twenty shows in the Czech Republic and abroad. He is joined by multimedia artists Dan Gregor, internationally renowned choreographer Věra Ondrašíková, sound designer Stanislav Abrahám and composer Filip Míšek. From the ‘60s to the 21st century with the press of a single key. The typewriter is replaced by a laptop, ink by light and paper by darkness. The poetry remains.

* In 2013 performed throughout USA
(Washington, Miami, NYC)


Amerika (2014) - J.K.Tyl Theatre Pilsen

Hráč (2014) - J.K.Tyl Theatre Pilsen

Lháři (2013) - J.K.Tyl Theatre Pilsen
The condition of disappearance (2013) - Prague Chamber Ballet

Boys&Girls (2013) - Archa Theatre

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